Roy Cohen
Tel‭: +‬972-528583135
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2017-2019‭ ‬MFA‭, ‬Bezalel Academy of Art‭, ‬Jerusalem

2007-2011‭ ‬B.ed‭, ‬Wizo Academy‭, ‬Departmen of Photography‭, ‬Haifa


Material Imagination: Center of Gravity,Tel Aviv museum of art, Curated by Dalit Matatyahu, 2023

North Tribune, South Tribune, Herzliya Artists’ Residence, Curated by Ran Kasmy-Ilan, 2022

Body-Tensioned Loom, Bezalel Contemporary Art Gallery, Curated by Dor Guez, Tel Aviv, 2021

Three times Two, E'had Ha'Am 9 Gallery, Curated by Yair Barak, Tel Aviv, 2021

Non Finito, Artport Tel Aviv, Curated by Vardit Gross, 2021

Skein,Tel Aviv museum of art, Curated by Dalit Matatyahu, 2021

Love You, Yet Realistic, Beita gallery, Curated by Karni Barzilay,Jerusalem, 2020

”Haifa Bauhaus” is there such a thing?, Hadrion, Curated by Galia Bar Or, Haifa, 2019

Social Bauhaus, Talpiot Market, Curated by Galia Bar Or, Haifa, 2019

Current Situation‭, ‬Well House‭, ‬Curated by Adiya Porat‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2019

Compass‭, ‬Beit Kandinof‭, ‬Curated by Ruven Koperman‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2019

Abracadabra‭, ‬MFA Gallery of Bezalel‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2019

Small Sanctuary‭, ‬MFA Gallery of Bezalel‭, ‬Curated by Avital Barak‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2018

Mai Nafka Minnah‭?, ‬MFA Gallery of Bezalel‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2018

Artisrs‭ ‬Greenhouse‭, ‬Fresh Fair‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2018

Censorship‭, ‬Aza 13‭, ‬Curated by Yehezkel Lazarov‭, ‬Tel Aviv, ‬2017‭ ‬

Polaris‭, ‬Gate 3‭ ‬Gallery‭, ‬Curated by Libi Kasel‭, ‬Haifa‭, ‬2016

As it Seems‭, ‬Indie Gallery‭, ‬Curated by Yuval Hai‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2015

Portrait‭, ‬Shankar‭, ‬Curated by Gal Weinstein‭, ‬Ramt Gan‭, ‬2014

Be My Guest‭, ‬Gate 3‭ ‬Gallery‭, ‬Haifa‭, ‬2013

The Promising Artist of Calalist‭, ‬Ramat Gan‭, ‬2013

Decomposing‭, ‬Indie Gallery‭, ‬Curated by Sagit Zaluf Namir‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2011

40X20‭, ‬Mofet‭, ‬Curated by Micha Kirshner‭, Tel Aviv‭, ‬2011

Graduates‭, ‬Tel Hai Museum‭, ‬Curated by Hannah Shaviv‭, ‬2011

A Starting Line‭, ‬Pyramid Gallery‭, ‬Curated by Yehuda Yatsiv‭, ‬Haifa‭, ‬2011

Awards and Residencies 

Rappaport Prize, Tel aviv Museum of Art, 2021

Studios - art spaces around town, Haifa, 2021

The Rabinovitch Foundation, 2021

Artport Residency Program Grant, Tel Aviv, 2020-2021

Kibbutzim Collge of Education, Technilogy and the Arts Residency Program, Tel Aviv, 2021

MFA Excellence Award of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. 2019 

Y-photo, 2017

Awagami Scholarship, Sby color, 2015


Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Praivet Collection