Roy Cohen

Tel‭: +‬972-528583135

Email‭: ‬


2017-2019‭ ‬MFA‭, ‬Bezalel Academy of Art‭, ‬Jerusalem

2007-2011‭ ‬B.ed‭, ‬Wizo Academy‭, ‬Departmen of Photography‭, ‬Haifa


Non Finito,  Artport Tel Aviv , Curated by Vardit Gross, 2021

Skein,Tel Aviv museum of art , Curated by Dalit Matatyahu, 2021

Love You, Yet Realistic, Beita gallery , Curated by Karni Barzilay,Jerusalem, 2020

”Haifa Bauhaus” is there such a thing?, Hadrion, Curated by Galia Bar Or, Haifa, 2019

Social Bauhaus, Talpiot Market, Curated by Galia Bar Or, Haifa, 2019

Current Situation‭, ‬Well House‭, ‬Curated by Adiya Porat‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2019

Compass‭, ‬Beit Kandinof‭, ‬Curated by Ruven Koperman‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2019

Abracadabra‭, ‬MFA Gallery of Bezalel‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2019

Small Sanctuary‭, ‬MFA Gallery of Bezalel‭, ‬Curated by Avital Barak‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2018

Mai Nafka Minnah‭?, ‬MFA Gallery of Bezalel‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2018

Artisrs’‭ ‬Greenhouse‭, ‬Fresh Fair‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2018

Censorship‭, ‬Aza 13‭, ‬Curated by Yehezkel Lazarov‭, ‬Tel Aviv, ‬2017‭ ‬

Polaris‭, ‬Gate 3‭ ‬Gallery‭, ‬Curated by Libi Kasel‭, ‬Haifa‭, ‬2016

As it Seems‭, ‬Indie Gallery‭, ‬Curated by Yuval Hai‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2015

Portrait‭, ‬Shankar‭, ‬Curated by Gal Weinstein‭, ‬Ramt Gan‭, ‬2014

Be My Guest‭, ‬Gate 3‭ ‬Gallery‭, ‬Haifa‭, ‬2013

The Promising Artist of Calalist‭, ‬Ramat Gan‭, ‬2013

Decomposing‭, ‬Indie Gallery‭, ‬Curated by Sagit Zaluf Namir‭, ‬Tel Aviv‭, ‬2011

40X20‭, ‬Mofet‭, ‬Curated by Micha Kirshner‭, Tel Aviv‭, ‬2011

Graduates‭, ‬Tel Hai Museum‭, ‬Curated by Hannah Shaviv‭, ‬2011

A Starting Line‭, ‬Pyramid Gallery‭, ‬Curated by Yehuda Yatsiv‭, ‬Haifa‭, ‬2011

Awards and Residencies 

Artport Residency Program Grant, Tel Aviv, 2020-2021

 MFA Excellence Award of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design‭ ,‬2019

 Y-photo‭, ‬First Place‭, ‬2017‭ ‬

 Awagami Scholarship‭, ‬Sby Color‭, ‬2015